Davone Reference One

No compromise. Is the best way to describe the award winning Davone flagship model. With precise engineering guiding us every step of the way, we have created a loudspeaker that reveals the full tonal spectrum of even the most convoluted music. Sounding clean, natural and unconstrained, hidden subtleties in the music are revealed while always remaining in control.

the Colour of Sound

String instruments produce a fundamental tone and a vast array of higher harmonics, demonstrating the human ear's preference for a rich, harmonic sound. Record players and tube amplifiers also introduce harmonics, creating a vibrant and colorful sonic experience, akin to the significant impact of optimal room acoustics. Many loudspeakers also contribute their own tonal character, for example aluminum tweeters often deliver a remarkably open, clear, and transparent sound. However, this pleasing tonal coloring can sometimes overshadow and actually result in timbral deficiency, concealing subtle tones. The Reference One's Beryllium tweeter, on the other hand, offers a gentler percussion representation, excelling in tone separation and micro-detail reproduction, effectively distinguishing musical instruments in spatial placement. Similarly, the Textreme Carbon midrange exhibits a smooth and well-balanced timbre, unveiling intricate sound micro-textures without introducing any coloration. Consequently, while drivers crafted from simpler materials like aluminum or paper may sound appealing with straightforward music such as classical guitar or solo vocals, the Beryllium and Textreme Carbon drivers transcend these constraints. The Reference One faithfully unveils the full tonal spectrum of even the most intricate musical compositions.

Extensive Bracing

When the speakers vibrate, the cabinet also vibrates in response. However, these cabinet vibrations exhibit a slight delay in relation to the music, resulting in a perceptible blurring and decreased definition of the sound. Our cabinet construction is designed to address this issue comprehensively. Constructed from 25mm thick, form-pressed wood, it boasts a curved structure, further enhanced by a high-pressure and temperature bending process, which greatly augments its stiffness. Internally, we reinforce the cabinet with a network of extensive bracing, utilizing 18mm and 22mm thick plywood strategically positioned for optimal structural integrity.

  • Frequency response

    29 - 30.000 Hz, -3dB


    4 ohm, 3.4 ohm minimum at 26Hz, above 4 ohm from 37Hz


    87 dB/2,83V/m

    Recommended Amplifer

    100 watt or more


    10” Hard paper cone, 3" diameter, long throw voice coil, limiting spider

    Mid range Driver

    4,5" Multimodal Textreme membrane with distributed low energy breakup modes

  • Tweeter

    Flush mount 1" Beryllium with extremely light 0.1g dome and a first breakup mode above 40kHz


    Upwards directed bass reflex with a linear, oversized and damped port

    Cabinet Construction

    25mm form pressed plywood with extensive bracing and tuned absorbers


    42 kg / piece

    Height / Width / Depth

    97 / 47 / 37 cm


    Paul Schenkel

Leather finish options

    Fabric colour black
    Soft white leather, Quarter cut walnut veneer
    Fabric colour black
    Black leather, Quarter cut walnut veneer

The Finishing Touch

A loudspeaker of such exceptional caliber requires a superior finish that mirrors its exceptional sound quality. We've meticulously chosen materials to elevate your audio experience, including exquisite quarter-cut walnut veneer, genuine European leather, an elegant grille to conceal the bass reflex port outlet, discreetly positioned Davone spikes, and an all-encompassing, meticulous finish. Each material was selected for its practicality and durability, ensuring that you can savor the highest audio quality for years to come.