the World of Davone

Creating a new audio system from scratch is not an easy thing to do; it can be both exciting and challenging. We work around the clock creating. With craftsmanship, design and audio in our DNA, Davone is a place where new ideas unfold and are brought to life.

from Stereo to Multiroom

With the new Meander all-in-one Wi-Fi loudspeaker and our WISA wireless amplifier module, a clean integration of a Davone sound system in your smart home is easier than ever before. Or if like to improve your existing audio system, Davone features a full range of non-amplified loudspeakers as well.

every Bit of Music

At Davone we like to create. But we do not limit ourselves to one craft. We believe that a printed circuit board channeling bits into music is beautiful in it's own right. Creativity comes in many shapes and forms in the world of Davone.