the World of Davone

The quest for the best sound quality is never ending. Exploring new ideas with a lot of determination and passion is our routine. For over 15 years, Davone has created top quality loudspeakers backed by sophisticated technology. With priority to quality over quantity we realize our ideas into hand crafted loudspeakers in our own small scale production in Denmark.

The new Reference One

No compromise. Is the best way to describe the new Davone flagship model. With precise engineering guiding us every step of the way, we have created a loudspeaker that reveals the full tonal spectrum of even the most convoluted music. Sounding clean, natural and unconstrained, hidden subtleties in the music are revealed while always remaining laid back and in control.

from Stereo to Multiroom

With the award winning Meander all-in-one Wi-Fi loudspeaker and our WISA wireless amplifier module, a clean integration of a Davone sound system in your smart home is easier than ever before. Or if like to improve your existing audio system, Davone also features a full range of non-amplified loudspeakers like the Reference One.

where to Buy?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our products. We can either send from Denmark to your home adress, or you can visit one of our selected dealers.