• the new Solo

    Being an impressive floorstander, the Solo bundles the experience build up over the past decade. It represents the next generation in sound reproduction, as well as in acoustic and bend plywood design. With best in class drivers and cross-over technology, the Solo is next in line to our top model, the Grande.

  • Ray upgraded

    The latest version of Ray has been developed in our new 60 square meter acoustically treated listening space. The latest insights from the Solo development have been implemented. And with both systems now sharing similar drivers and cross-over technology, the Ray now sounds better than ever before.

  • Tulip upgraded

    With the improved tweeter and bass-mid driver, the Tulip has evolved into a loudspeaker with deep and stable soundstaging. The entirely new cross-over ensures a more accurate summation of the two powerful bass drivers in the low and mid range, and optimally merges the ring radiator tweeter for accurate tonal balance and realism.